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Mission + Values

- Our Mission -

The Not Alone Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta and dedicated to providing, transportation assistance, financial assistance, educational and medical resources for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients and their families. Our foundation educates, inspires and uplifts, working endlessly to assist in the global epidemic.


To achieve our mission and vision, we take a comprehensive approach that includes our key areas:

- Our Core Values -

Diversity & Inclusion



The Not Alone Foundation is dedicated to establishing a culture that promotes diversity, inclusive environments, and commits to having a purpose of belonging for members of our community.


The Not Alone Foundation continues to grow our legacy and develop our future by inclusiveness.  The Not Alone Foundation is differentiated by the caliber of our diverse civic and community engagement through our programs and initiatives that provide resources by enhancing the quality of life for mankind.

Patient Advocacy

The Not Alone Foundation is committed to healthcare advocacy for patients by amplifying their voices in navigating for respectable access to quality, equitable and affordable healthcare.  As patient healthcare advocates the NAF give patients and their families customized assistance in helping navigate through the healthcare system. 


The NAF is dedicated to providing educational, financial and culinary resources that educate and empower patients to become independent advocates for themselves.  It is within our core values of ensuring that patients become equipped to engage and make educated decisions independently about their healthcare.


To advocate for one another is to love one another which is part of community; and the NAF is a symbol of love in being a resource in the community by enhancing the quality of life among humanity.

Corporate Social

The Not Alone Foundation strategically engages in a highly effective philanthropic and humanitarian centered vision in improving quality access to healthcare, engaging in patient sustainability, developing caregiver empowerment initiatives, addressing social determinants of health and advocating civic engagement to individuals within the Atlanta community, and the world to the most underprivileged and underserved communities.  

It is the mission of the NAF to enhance the quality of individual lives from our employees to members of the global society.  Together, we strive in working in making the world an inclusive place, equitable, and diverse place to live.

Community Engagement

The community is at the core and center of everything we engage, from our employees to the patients, partners, families, caregivers, providers and communities whom we touch through our services.  Community engagement gives us the opportunity to through various initiatives to make an impact in the marketplace to develop empowering, positive and effective measurable change to the communities in which we serve.


The NAF mission is to strive for excellence in our work and outcomes with exceeding expectations.  The goal is to be among the global leaders that will not compromise high standards of excellence; and whereby operating in the second place is unimaginable.


We believe that the healthcare industry benefits from innovation as a force of good in contributing towards making a significant impact in the continued growth in the advancement of medical sciences.  We believe that innovation is the driving wind that pushes the world into new endeavors, inventions and possibilities that make the world a better place to live.  Through innovation we are able to continue to invest in the community with advanced programs because of innovation.


Integrity is the driving force within our foundation of all enduring relationships, patient healthcare advocacy, and every successful business engagement.  We will operate with integrity even when the cameras are off and no one is watching.  We endeavor to do the right thing as part of our commitment to the community.


Technology is power!  Technology give access! Technology is part of the fabric of the NAF as we believe it is a force for goodwill.  We endeavor to help develop quality access to healthcare; and a future that gives the communities we serve access to the endless possibilities, benefits and opportunities because of technology.


Technology is the global gateway to communication; and we promote the partnering with organizations that promote our vision and mission for the greater good of society.

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